I Am Merit: Michelle Molin-Savelkoul

Michelle Molin-Savelkoul
Manager, Customer Service for Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
photo: Leon Vrijdag Fotografie
Tell us about managing Merit Medical’s Customer Service for all of Europe, Middle East and Africa: I manage Merit Medical's customer service for our distributors, direct customers (hospitals) as well as the tender department for all of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEA). When I started (on November 3, 2008), there were three of us in the Distributor Customer Service department for EMEA and approximately 20 people at our facility. Over the past 7 years the number of employees increased to just over 60 people and I now manage 24 customer service employees, soon to be 25 before the end of this year!

I work from our European Headquarters in beautiful Maastricht in the very southern region of The Netherlands on the border of Belgium and Germany.

Tolerance is Key for EMEA Customer Service: The biggest (and most rewarding) challenge for our EMEA Customer Service team is working with 75 countries that speak 12 different languages. This includes 14 countries that sell direct to hospitals and 61 distributor countries. Our team services 1,830 external customers and 75 Merit EMEA sales representatives! Our team speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Russian, English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish and Italian and at all times we need to make sure that someone who speaks that language is available to speak with customers calling in.

Tolerance is a very important trait to have when you work in EMEA customer service because we must be familiar with and sensitive to so many different cultures. So I'm sensitive to having a team with a good vibe and I look for people who can maintain a sense of humor while managing so many customers and nationalities.

On why it’s all important to Michelle: I once had a job opportunity to work for a company in a different industry. It didn’t feel important to me – medical devices save lives, they are important and that’s why I love this industry. This was confirmed recently when my husband David suddenly had a heart attack at age 39. Products like the ones that Merit manufactures saved his life. We got married this past weekend after 15 years of being together. I would trust Merit products to go into my husband's body – I know that we make the highest quality and we do everything we can to produce the best we can.

What about Merit do you enjoy: Merit has a family feeling, it's like a second home. The people in this company give you that second family feeling. And Customer Service feels to me like the center of everything. We provide all of the information to planning so they can ensure products ship on time, to finance, to logistics, to regulatory, to marketing, to the customer, internally and externally. To them we are the face of Merit.

I have especially enjoyed working with Justin Lampropoulos - he helped me move up from distributor customer service representative to my current position as Customer Service Manager for EMEA. He has motivated me all along the way. His vision for Merit to be the most customer-focused company has been my mantra for our EMEA customer service team - give every country what they need – do anything and everything we can for the customer. That's what makes Merit very unique in our industry.

After work: On the weekends I love to take my two daughters horseback riding. Yadira is 11 and Yuna is 8. Horses really help me to destress from the week and it's an activity we love doing together.

Merit Medical featured in Utah Business Connect magazine

Justin Lampropoulos, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Strategy for Merit Medical Systems, recently contributed the article, "The Building Blocks of Sustainable International Growth," to Business Connect Utah magazine. In his article he shares key insights into growing a business internationally, including finding shared culture and values, developing successful channels and building a brand in a new market.

Merit Medical derives nearly 50% of its business from global markets outside the United States. This global success and Merit's continued growth stems from smart, forward-thinking tactics as well as the company's stated vision to deliver the best health care possible. Merit uses this universal foundation to follow through globally on its corporate vision: Each day we are determined to make a difference by understanding our customers' needs, and innovating and delivering a diverse range of products that improve the lives of people, families, and communities throughout the world.

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ThinkRadial™ Establishes Influential Presence at CIRSE

Largest Interventional Radiology Event of the Year Is Site for Transradial Education from Leading Industry Source ThinkRadial™

LISBON, PORTUGAL – September 26, 2015 – Merit Medical Systems, Inc. and its renowned ThinkRadial™ education program will host a targeted symposium at this year’s Annual Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) Annual Meeting.  The ThinkRadial™ Symposium “Transradial Approach in Interventional Radiology” will provide attendees with the latest information about utilizing the radial artery for interventional radiology procedures.

ThinkRadial™ Symposium at CIRSE - "Transradial Approach in Interventional Radiology"

WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015 – 13:00 – 14:00
WHERE: Auditorium 6
WHO: Moderator: Professor Dr. Christoph A. Binkert – CIRSE Scientific Programme Committee Deputy Chairperson, Director of Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and Chief of Radiology at Kantonsspital Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Speakers: Dr. Darren Klass, Interventional Radiologist at Vancouver Imaging, working at Vancouver General and UBC Hospitals in Vancouver, Canada; and Dr. Aaron M. Fischman, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Surgery in the Division of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Merit Medical/ThinkRadial™ Booth #45 The Merit Medical CIRSE booth will feature information about its embolics and radial product portfolios as well as ThinkRadial™, a program powered by Merit Medical that offers immersive radial training courses, advanced workshops, and ongoing education and support.

WHEN: Sept. 26 – 30, 2015
WHO: Available for briefings with the media
  • Justin Lampropoulos, Executive Vice President, Merit Medical Sales, Marketing and Strategy and recognized as one of the "40 Medtech Innovators Under 40" by the industry.
  • Rob Jenkins, Executive Vice President, EMEA
Physicians Partner with Merit to further the field of Interventional Radiology In conjunction with CIRSE, Merit Medical has partnered with several well-respected physicians to highlight its commitment to advancing the field of interventional radiology. This powerful branding campaign called "Starts with ME," profiles Dr. Darren Klass, Interventional Radiologist at Vancouver Imaging, working at Vancouver General and UBC Hospitals in Vancouver, Canada; Dr. Amman Bolia –Consultant Radiologist for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in Leicester, United Kingdom and nominated for a Pioneer in Performance award by CIRSE; and Dr. Christoph A. Binkert, CIRSE Scientific Programme Committee Deputy Chairperson, Director of Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and Chief of Radiology at Kantonsspital Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland.

The campaign demonstrates that Merit Medical is committed to a company culture that takes a listen-first approach to product development to best support its clinician customers' efforts to advance their fields and achieve better patient outcomes.

Visit http://startswithme.com/.

To schedule an interview at the ThinkRadial booth or to attend the ThinkRadial Symposium contact: Theresa Gubler 001-801-208-1100, Theresa.gubler@sb5pr.com.

ABOUT ThinkRadial™ ThinkRadial, powered by Merit Medical Systems, Inc., is a community of clinicians and experts committed to furthering transradial access for better patient outcomes and healthcare economics. ThinkRadial provides trainings, clinical field assistance, patient resources and promotional opportunities for physicians seeking to begin or advance their transradial practice. The ThinkRadial world-class, hands-on transradial training is offered at sites in numerous countries around the globe. These courses are designed to provide comprehensive exposure to transradial interventional skills ranging from case selection and preparation to procedural logistics and equipment selection as well as a significant focus on technical skills, troubleshooting and management of complications. ThinkRadial.com, guided by an impressive roster of Board of Advisors (thinkradial.com/advisors/), provides access to a comprehensive library of peer-reviewed articles, clinical literature, books, numerous videos, and a blog on the transradial approach. Please visit www.thinkradial.com.

I Am Merit: Michelle Xu

Above all else, Merit Asia’s third employee, Michelle Xu, Channel Management Supervisor, enjoys working with her dedicated Merit colleagues "who never say never."

Working for Merit Asia as it continues to grow: I joined Merit Asia five and a half years ago in 2010 as an Administration Assistant. I was the third employee then, and now, as of the end of September, we have 89 employees with Merit Asia! I enjoy working for Merit because it is a friendly, flexible and open environment to present your opinions, share your ideas and discuss better solutions. A good work ethic is always encouraged and outstanding performance is rewarded. Merit provides us with different kinds of opportunities to thrive.

Her responsibilities as Channel Management Supervisor: As Asian Channel Management Supervisor I manage 380 distributors in Mainland China and 30 distributors in Southeast Asia. My key responsibilities include conducting due diligence, legal documentation review, on-line compliance training and Agreement and Letter of Authorization as well as distributor performance evaluation and incentives calculation. In addition to my distributor responsibilities I manage sales promotion control, internal process improvements, data analysis and dealer training. Channel Management is an important function that acts like a "doorkeeper," to monitor distributors' qualification and activities, and like a "bridge," to build up a channel and connect external distributors with internal Merit sales representatives. As the Channel Management Supervisor, I ensure that Merit is receiving maximum benefit from our distributors and contribute to the overall sales organization.

On what she enjoys most about Merit: No doubt, if nothing else, THE PEOPLE! People are precious to Merit. All of our incredible achievements have come from the Merit team's continuous efforts and amazing creations. I enjoy my colleagues who are professional, dedicated and never say never. I am delighted to work with them and celebrate every milestone moment together.

How she spends her time outside of work: I am an outdoor enthusiast and like swimming, spinning, mountain climbing and hiking. I will travel around the world during my annual holiday. Reading books and cooking are also my favorites during my spare time.

I Am Merit: Sarah Spangler

Sales Engineer Sarah Spangler customizes Merit Medical products and devices for Merit's OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers. Sarah spends her days collaborating with the OEM sales team, customers and other Merit engineers to ensure that we can provide a product that meets the customers' needs and procedures. Watch her video interview.